The Psychotherapy Workshop

What is unique in The Psychotherapy Workshop?

  • The Psychotherapy Workshop is designed for practitioners who are keen to, and who are committed to, increasing their knowledge about psychotherapy and to increasing their practical capacities.
  • It is designed, through the processes of Reflective, Conceptual and Active Learning, to strengthen your practice.
  • It deals with Everyday Practice and Putting Therapy to Work (two key concepts in this Ecology of Ideas). It is based on the experiences of actually providing therapy to a large variety of clients with many varied presentations. It is not about protocols developed in pristine settings in which practitioners see carefully selected clients.
  • Thus, the theory and practice presented is designed for and informed by Everyday Practice. Traditional models of practice and concepts within those models are respected and made practical and applicable to the context in which the practitioner operates.
  • We will outline and discuss The Other Skill Set that every successful practitioner needs, but typically develops by her or him self through trial and error. The aim will be to make that process more efficient and effective.
  • We can all but guarantee that, on this website, you will see and hear psychotherapy conceptualised and discussed in ways that you have not seen or heard before (and we appreciate that that is an outrageous claim!). The promise of that claim though, is by comparing and contrasting this material with your own understandings you shall increase the depth of your perceptions and practices.

How can you make use of The Psychotherapy Workshop?

There are several ways that you can make use of The Psychotherapy Workshop. Some of the possibilities are as follows:

  • for your own learning, at your own pace
  • by looking through the titles of modules, you will be able to access ideas that may help you with an immediate clinical conundrum with which you are currently dealing
  • as a part of your Continuing Education Program or your Self Directed Learning for Accreditation. Each seminar series is the equivalent of a day long live seminar (Actually more and certainly more if you engage with the Q & A modules). This represents three one day seminars for a price of one, plus the advantage of year long access to the material
  • as we offer corporate memberships, groups of practitioners (self formed or in an agency or group practice) can use the seminars as discussion and learning topics. Formats for that process have been developed and can be provided
  • as a form of ongoing Reflective Practice to sharpen your self awareness, to provide direction to your supervision sessions, and above all, to strengthen your practice.

We are very excited to be offering The Psychotherapy Workshop. Its development into this format represents a lot of planning, design and execution. The material presented in the Seminars has been developed by Dr Paul Gibney over forty years in consultation with teachers, mentors, colleagues, clients and critical friends. We invite you to be a part of this ongoing dialogue, or rather to bring your multiple dialogues into conversation with the ideas herein: an ongoing conversation – the very heart and soul of psychotherapy.

Why Subscribe to the Psychotherapy Workshop?

Rich Resource of Knowledge, Experience and Wisdom

The content centres on everyday practice and the reality of providing professional support to clients day in, day out. In exploring the therapeutic domain, it dives deep into practice wisdom.

Ongoing access to professional development and clinical practice content

The Psychotherapy Workshop will continue to add content to the members area over your subscription period.

Available whenever you want to access it

The content is available when ever you have the capacity to engage with it. Live webinars will be recorded and made available for members to review at their convenience.

There are currently four Workshop Series available. All can be viewed multiple times and are organised into discreet learning modules. Each module features before and after questions that aim to increase the reflections of participants, assist them to interact with the concepts and practices discussed, and to assimilate these into their own practice. Specific modules can be studied again to reconnect with challenging concepts. Access to the site is available through an annual subscription.

Questions regarding the content of the seminars can be emailed, and those questions will be considered for the regular Q & A modules that feature on the site. Members will also have access to live webinars and live events at discounted rates. In time, it is envisaged that a Community of Practice will be formed around these concepts, practices and events.

The aim of The Psychotherapy Workshop is to provide educational material that will strengthen your practice. The project is to supplement and build on what you already know, and to extend and deepen your understanding of psychotherapy. This is a project that is a WORKSHOP; it is designed to maximise REFLECTIVE PRACTICE.

This Workshop is a deep exploration of the therapeutic domain, whether you are a relatively novice therapist or a veteran of decades of experience. I can promise you, (and this is a huge promise) that you will see and hear psychotherapy discussed in ways that you have never heard it discussed or considered before.

So, if you have found previous descriptions simply inadequate… You have come to the right place, to strengthen your practice and to increase your sustainability as a practitioner.

Workshop seminar details

Choose either an individual Workshop Series (any 1 workshop series) or a Premium Plus plan (3 workshop series)

Critical Concepts for effective Therapeutic Practice

Obscure Pieces of Theory that will Strengthen your Practice

The Simplicity / Complexity Method of Psychotherapy

The Person of the Therapist and the Therapeutic Relationship

Brief Interventions in Family Sensitive Practice

An Introduction to Jungian Concepts and Technique

Couples Therapy

Click on each Workshop Series Heading to reveal its seminar titles:

Over 7 hours of on-demand seminar videos plus reflective practice interactions

Seminar Topics

  • Introduction to the Workshop: Context & Response
  • Reflective Practice
  • Psychotherapy: A Definition
  • Psychotherapy in Everyday Practice
  • Towards A Framework for Psychotherapy in everyday Practice
  • A Metatheory of Therapeutic Change
  • Difference
  • Beyond Rapport: The Other More Critical
  • Emotional Skill
  • Long and Short Term Therapy, and a critical distinction
  • The Structure/Behaviour/Belief Nexus
  • Psychotherapy: A Specific Type of Conversation
  • Two Persistent Themes at the Heart of
  • Psychotherapy
  • Existentialism and the Practice of Psychotherapy
  • Constellating the Therapeutic Domain
Over 6 hours of on-demand seminar videos plus reflective practice interactions

Seminar Topics

  • Introduction to the Workshop:
  • The Lost Distinction of Communications Theory
  • The Near/Far Dilemma of The Basic Fault
  • The Consensual Domain
  • Parameters and Momentum in Therapy
  • Anxiety: Powerful Reframes from Classic Texts
  • Double Description and Reframing
  • Defenses: A Mystery Solved
  • A Hidden Gem Regarding Counter-transference
  • Performance, Creativity and Complementarities
  • O’Hanlon and Wilk’s Index Expurgatorius
Over 6 hours of on-demand seminar videos plus reflective practice interactions

Seminar Topics

  • Introduction to the Workshop:
  • The Actual Parameters of Psychotherapy
  • What does an effective, responsive method look like?
  • Change in Psychotherapy
  • Systemic Existential Psychotherapy Part 1
  • Systemic Existential Psychotherapy Part 2
  • Guiding Principles: Co-evolving, Aesthetics and Pragmatics
  • The Simplicity/Complexity Method of Psychotherapy
  • The Inevitable Paradoxes
  • The “Real” Paradox of successful psychotherapy
  • Hermeneutics Writ Large
  • “Having a Practice” in multiple ways: the Path of the Therapist
Over 5 hours of on-demand seminar videos plus reflective practice interactions

Seminar Topics

  • Introduction to the Workshop:
  • The Therapeutic Alliance
  • Transference
  • Counter-Transference
  • The Alchemy of the Jungian Vision
  • Three Fascinating Sub-texts in Psychoanalysis
  • Intersubjectivity
  • Existential Considerations in Therapeutic Relationships
  • Reflections/li>
  • Images of Psychotherapy: Implications for the Person of the Therapist
  • The Shadow of the Therapist and the Wounded Healer
  • Concluding seminar
Over 2 hours of on-demand seminar videos plus reflective practice interactions

Seminar Topics

  • Introduction to the Workshop
  • The Therapist As Implicated Director/Actor
  • Assessment & Therapy
  • The New Classic Brief Interventions: A Performance Model
Over 6 hours of on-demand seminar videos plus reflective practice interactions

Seminar Topics

  • Introduction to Jungian Concepts
  • Dreamwork
  • Rituals
  • The Shadow
  • A Jungian View of Adolescence
  • Practical Dreamwork
  • From Conscious Alliance to an Intersubjectivity
  • The Trickster
  • The Alchemy of the Jungian Vision
  • Dream Analysis: A Demonstration
  • Images of the Jungian Influence in Psychotherapeutic Practice
Over 4 hours of on-demand seminar videos plus reflective practice interactions

Seminar Topics

  • Couples Therapy: From Straightforward to Complex
  • Assessment, Opening Phases and the Therapist’s Tasks
  • Important Concepts to Consider Regarding Couples Therapy
  • “In The Thick of It”: Some Useful Reframes
  • Affairs, Infidelities, Betrayal and Trust
  • From Conscious Alliance to an Intersubjectivity
  • The Therapist’s Responses in Couples Therapy

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