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Welcome to The Psychotherapy Workshop

The Psychotherapy Workshop

Welcome to The Psychotherapy Workshop. The Psychotherapy Workshop is an interactive educational opportunity designed to deepen and strengthen the reflective practice of psychotherapy and counselling professionals and provide continuing professional education. The seminars provided are organised into discreet learning modules. Each module features before and after questions that aim to increase the reflections of participants, assist them to interact with the concepts and practices discussed, and to assimilate these into their own practice.

Dr Paul Gibney offers a deep exploration of the therapeutic domain that is steeped in everyday practice and is not about the pristine descriptions of therapy that occur in books and university lectures. You will see and hear psychotherapy discussed in ways that you have never heard it discussed or considered before. So, if you have found previous descriptions simply inadequate… You have come to the right place to strengthen your practice and increase your sustainability as a practitioner.

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The Psychotherapy Workshop

Workshop Insights

What can you look forward to in each workshop series – An example

In the diagram below we reveal the seminar topics in the Critical Concepts for Effective Therapeutic Practice workshop. 14 seminars plus we will add at least two additional seminars answering questions from members during the subscription period.

An Example- Seminars in the Critical Concepts for Effective Therapeutic Practice Workshop Series


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